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We work with you in preparing and filing tax returns – both personal and corporate.  Many personal and corporate decisions face tax consequences and Porter Hétu International member firms will work with you to ensure that you pay the least amount of tax possible. While corporate tax planning is much more complicated than personal taxes, we will endeavour to ensure you pay as little tax as possible in either situation and will represent you to the Canada Revenue Agency if so desired.

Services: Personal


To achieve your financial life goals, to be free of economic fear in the case of disability, retirement or death, or to educate your children - these are some of the purposes and goals of personal financial planning.


We do not sell mutual funds, mortgages, insurance or stocks. Using experienced planners and planning systems, we can prepare comprehensive personal financial plans such as retirement plans, insurance plans or estate plans.

Services: Estate


It is important to protect your family, so prepare and update your will and plan for your estate.
Estate planning is an essential component of your overall financial plan and will give you the peace of mind that your beneficiaries receive the greatest benefit possible upon your death. We will help you protect your future generations, minimize taxes, settle your affairs, and provide long-term management of your estate.

A trust can be an effective way of ensuring property and finances are managed the way you want them to be - both while you are alive and/or upon your death. We can provide both professional advice and administration of a long-term strategy.

Services: Non-Profit


We will assist not-for-profit groups in preparing necessary and accurate financial statement presentations either on a regular basis, or yearly in preparation for the Annual General Meeting. The rules for issuing charitable tax receipts can be complex, and can easily be applied incorrectly.


We can help guide you through CRA’s rules from both the donor’s and recipient’s perspective to ensure your organization is in complete compliance.

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